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Body Balance Guide

Unlock hormonal balance and vibrant health

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Knowledge forms the foundation for hormonal balance and well-being during menopause and beyond. Our comprehensive 160-page Body Balance Guide will teach you everything you need to know.

We break down the latest science in 30, easy to understand chapters. Focusing on the very best nutrition and lifestyle choices that can influence your energy levels, zest for life and overall health.

  • 30 chapters jam-packed with information, practical tips and a daily task
  • Suitable for today’s busy lifestyle – practical and easily integrated in your daily routine
  • Covering Menopause 101, hormonal weight gain, muscles and joints, inflammation and much more
  • Practical tips on how to master stress, sleep and improve digestive health
  • Checklists like the shopping guide, healthy meal swaps and more
  • Get to know you better with our Self-Check-up, Oestrogen Self-Check and nutrition diary

By the end of the Body Balance Guide you will feel energised, more active and healthier. You will understand better what is good for your body, how to improve your well-being and how to age healthily.

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